3 Easy Ways To Earn Extra Money With CashCrate

What is CashCrate

CashCrate.com is a site which allows you to earn and save money online by taking surveys, trying out various offers and referrals. The various offers are available because different companies require feedback or consumer opinions concerning their products and services. Hence you take the role of the consumer and share your comments. Payments are made once a month by check but once you reach the silver level you can opt for payment via PayPal.

Earning money on CashCrate

You need to sign up for an account on CashCrate with your email address before you can start making money. Make sure you enter legitimate details when signing up as you may not get paid if you use fake details. It’s advisable to set up a dedicated email account just for CashCrate as you’ll be receiving a lot of mail. Once the account creation process has been completed, you can log in and start participating in surveys and offers. Upon completing an offer or survey, you just need to submit it.


You can fill out as many surveys and try as many offers as you want to get more money. The daily surveys typically pay from .50 cents to .80 cents each.


There are also cash offers which you can try out. Many offers involve you trying out a product and providing feedback.  The amount of money you can make on the offers normally ranges from .05 cents to $30 or more. Some offers provide payment in the form of products. In some case, you’re given a discount on a product/service in exchange for you trying it out and giving your feedback on it.


Another way to make money is by inviting people to the site through the referral program. You get paid $3 when a person you referred to the site makes their first $10. On top of that, you make 20% of the amount that the individual you referred to the sites makes. You also get 10% of the amount that the people they referred to the site make.

The minimum amount of money you have to make to qualify for a payout is $20. Since it’s only paid out once a month, you normally have plenty of time to reach that amount. One of the great things about CashCrate is that it’s open to anyone in the world. So no matter where you are you can make some extra money from the site.

Like most jobs you won’t get rich quickly, but if you persist and participate in a lot of offers you can make a few hundred dollars a month. Some users claim they make over $1000 per month.

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